Lifestyle Chef

Growing up with fresh vegetables and chickens in our yard handy for all of our snacks or meals.  Cooking farm to table was our normal behavior before it became a current day lifestyle .  We had the butcher down the street and dairy farm the next street over.  My Nana and I would spend our Saturday's gathering our food for the week at local markets then cook up our Sunday feast and prepare our meals of the week.  We loved spending time together in the kitchen.

After leaving Corporate America it seemed perfect for me to focus on being a Lifestyle Chef.  My services include large or small dinner parties, events, fundraisers, birthday parties or any other celebrations.

My personal chef services are dedicated in creating nutritious and delicious recipes for your guests or family to enjoy.

I love to work with local farmers in creating the perfect farm to table dinner.  I can also create farm to table tapas for a pass around at your next party or event with wine paring.

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