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From Cindy's Blog

Cindy's Thanksgiving Menu

Here is my Thanksgiving menu!  

What is your favorite holiday? My first favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. The main reason is you can create an amazing meal and easily combine family and friends to a thankful feast enjoyed by everyone! The leftovers are the best and you can be guilt free picking at them later in the evening or recreate for another meal. I love making a turkey pot pie and turkey soup with my leftovers! If you really want the mashed potatoes then go for smashed cauliflower.


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15th Nov 2018

Icelandic Food - From a Traveling Foodie



I just got back from a week in Iceland.  For someone who moved to Florida from New England for the sun...  This was  a different kind of vacation.  Ours was a private tour for four of us.  We were happy as we learned so much about the island and we were able to travel on paths the busses could not go.  We were in a jeep with tires taller than me!

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06th Nov 2018

Paleo Thanksgiving in a Muffin

I love working with Nutrition Smart.  I teach classes there and was asked to share a Thanksgiving recipe for their Customer Appreciation day.  

I decided to make Paleo Thanksgiving in a Muffin.  I had no idea how popular they would be.  I was thrilled that everyone just loved them.  Here is the recipe and I hope you get to share them with your family and friends.  

Link to the recipe here ------->  Paleo Thanksgiving in a Muffin

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05th Nov 2018

Paleo Fig Newtons

I have been enjoying the Paleo Lifestyle for over 10 years.  I wouldn't say we are dedicated to Paleo or any other diet but we do eat well.  A normal dinner is meat and a vegetable.  We are actually on a new journey and only have 2 items on our plate.  Eating healthy is pretty easy when you make i part of your lifestyle.  Paleo, Keto, South Beach, the zone, atkins not to mention drink replacement drinks, pre-made frozen meals (which I would never eat YUCK!!) and so on!  You may have tried one or a few and maybe they worked or didn't work.  You may be a yoyo dieter or never diet at all.  

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15th Oct 2018

Volition Beauty Strawberry Enzyme Revitalizing Serum: Vote to Make it Happen!

Friends,  This is one of my dedicated Interns.  I hope you read this blog post and please vote for her.  I just love watching our young students flourish.

Cindy xo

Hi, my name is Varika! I am a sophomore undergraduate college student majoring in Marketing and minoring in Computer Science, and I am currently the Social Media Marketing Intern for Anschutz Public Relations and Casting.

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01st Oct 2018

It's Pumpkin Spice Time of Year

I love the smell of pumpkin spice.

Pumpkin spice means it’s time for the weather to start getting chilly, so I can pull out the flannel and the boots. Fall decor goes up, with lots of comfy blankets, plastic pumpkins, and of course, the pumpkin scented candles!

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04th Sep 2018

Storage Containers for your Meal Prep


Ahh 2018… the year we as society have officially accepted the health movement and are all about our soul cycling, keto dieting and meal prepping. It isn’t easy though; after a long day at work, it feels like a chore to get home and have to make your breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week. As a bandwagon with the health lifestyle, I’ve found the following Container Store products helpful.

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01st Sep 2018