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From Cindy's Blog

Cindy On MassAppeal Preparing Fresh Herb Chimichurri Chicken Kabobs

Cindy was on MassAppeal with Danny New sharing her Fresh Herb Chimichurri Chicken Kabobs.

Video below!

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20th Jul 2017

Best Paleo Sloppy Joe Recipes!

I haven't made or eaten sloppy joes in a very long time!  When I told my neighbor that I would be bringing a big pot of sloppy joes over the first response from Bill was; "you are opening cans of manwich"  Um No Bill (yuck) - I will be making homemade sloppy joes.  One of their granddaughters came running around the corner saying; "I love sloppy joes".  

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17th Jul 2017

We love Veal recipes at Cindy's Table

My husband and I love Veal!  There are so many ways to prepare including this simple yet amazing way.  Here is the recipe for this Grilled Veal Loin Chop with Herbs and Garlic and just click on the recipe name for the link to print Enjoy!

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25th Jun 2017

Pasta on the Big Green Egg

When you think of grilling it's burgers, steaks or smoking pork.  We made an amazing pasta dish.  My take on Lasagna on the Big Green Egg.  Using my 12 inch Cast Iron Pan was perfect for our family dinner.

Cindy's Tip!  Keep plenty of spices on hand to make your favorite dishes!

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25th Jun 2017

Happy Father's Day

                                                                                                                  We love this photo from Techuloid

We wanted to share our Father's Day Burger Recipes Video with you as well as some gift ideas we found on the web.  Check out our Burger recipes HERE!

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15th Jun 2017

Italian Eggs Baked in a Tomato

This is a recipe that I enjoy over and over again!  I especially love making this for my family during the summer in Massachusetts after I pick fresh tomatoes from our garden.

Since it is such a family favorite I had to include in my Paleo Italian Cooking Cookbook.

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08th Jun 2017

Cooking For Your Doggie!

Our dogs are family.  You hear some say "fur babies" or their dog is a family member.  I feel the same way.  Jake our Jack Russell is our love and we are mommy and daddy to him.  

We have so many dog boutiques and bakeries that we can surely find healthy treats for our BFF.  There are many "human" food items that are really bad for your dog so beware.  As you have noticed many specialty dog food includes "human" food and no additives.  I love preparing Jakes treats.  Although we feel that dogs should eat kibbles for their sensitive stomachs so I make him all healthy treats.  You can find the list of treats here!

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25th May 2017