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From Cindy's Blog

All About Short Ribs

I remember when short ribs were the cheapest cut of meat and butchers would give them away. This cut was also noted as a less desirable piece of meat.  Now you can find them in grocery stores on a regular basis.  

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05th Sep 2017

Cindy on Daytime with Jerry Penacoli preparing Eggs in Purgatory

Cindy was on Daytime with Jerry Penacoli on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 preparing Eggs in Purgatory.  You can find this recipe and many more in her new cookbook Paleo Italian Cooking.

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28th Aug 2017

Cindy Cooking up Shrimp with Orzo and Vegetables on Mass Appeal

Cindy on MassAppeal sharing a quick and easy weeknight recipe!  Her Shrimp with Orzo and Vegetables.  Thank you LeCreuset and Simply Organic!


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28th Aug 2017

Cindy on NBC CT with Todd Piro cooking up a recipe from Paleo Italian Cooking

Cindy was on NBC CT with Todd Piro (who is not on Fox and Friends) cooking up a recipe from her new cookbook. Paleo Italian Cooking!  We  had so much fun and the crew got to eat all of the yummy food.  

To get the recipe - Go here -----> Paleo Italian Cooking

27th Aug 2017

Lobster or Lobstah

Do you say "Lobster" or "Lobstah" ?? I am from the Boston area so we say "Lobstah"  Either way it's still amazing!!

My family and I love lobster all year long but there is something about lobster in the summer.   Growing up in New England we had fresh seafood all the time and everyone is always happy sitting around the table with fresh seafood.

I have to admit there is something special about a lobster roll with a grilled hot dog bun in the summer.  

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21st Aug 2017

Blackened Pan Seared Snapper

I am sharing the easiest and most delicious red snapper recipe.  Glenn and I were out all day and wanted a piece of fish for dinner.  When we were at the seafood department the fresh red snapper looked really good and it's a fish we don't normally get.  Glenn asked if they would blacken it for us and that was a great idea to make it super easy.  Check out the recipes here!

Because we love sharing our recipes  go here to check out our other seafood recipe and keep checking back.  We are always cooking up something amazing to share with you.

Enjoy xo

Easy Blackened Pan Seared Snapper

Blackened Seared Yellow Tail Snapper with Sauteed Vegetables

18th Aug 2017