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Blackened Pan Seared Snapper

I am sharing the easiest and most delicious red snapper recipe.  Glenn and I were out all day and wanted a piece of fish for dinner.  When we were at the seafood department the fresh red snapper looked really good and it's a fish we don't normally get.  Glenn asked if they would blacken it for us and that was a great idea to make it super easy.  Check out the recipes here!

Because we love sharing our recipes  go here to check out our other seafood recipe and keep checking back.  We are always cooking up something amazing to share with you.

Enjoy xo

Easy Blackened Pan Seared Snapper

07th Mar 2017

Cindy's Table Loves Frittata's

I have been know as the "Queen" of Frittata's.  My Nana never waisted food and when we had left overs we made  a frittata.  Frittata's are great because you can simply add anything you want such as any meets or vegetables.  I love using my left overs.  You can bake in a cast iron pan, sauté pan or a baking dish.  You can cut into wedges or square.  You can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime that's perfect for you.  

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03rd Mar 2017

Lemon Zest and Caper Veal Chops

When I was deciding what recipes to include in my Paleo Italian Cookbook it was important to share Veal recipes.  I grew up eating veal in many ways including Meatballs, Chops, Milanese, etc.. This recipe is a favorite my husband and I enjoy together.  When we are in Italy was always order the specialty veal dinner and it's always amazing.

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03rd Mar 2017


First let's start with the basic information - This is a sauce and NOT a gravy!  Now let's move on...  Thank you.

I grew up with pots of sauce simmering on our stove with the amazing aroma though the house of garlic and herbs.  My Nana and I would stand over the pot while it was simmering dipping our bread to taste for seasoning of course... I really miss those days and her very much. 

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02nd Mar 2017

Paleo Chicken Cordon Bleu

Paleo Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu sounds so fancy but it's very easy to prepare and perfect for a weeknight dinner with your family.  I love gravy with my cordon bleu and this made a perfect topping to complete this dish.

I hope you give this  Paleo recipe a try!  


01st Mar 2017

Paleo Creamy Coconut Custard

I don't get very excited about desserts!  But when I a custard type dessert is top of my list.   When I was a little girl my Nana and I would make a custard pie for dessert.  After everyone had a slice we would put the remaining in front of us with a spoon in hand.  We would just eat the custard and leave the pie crust behind.  To this day I just love custard.

This recipe is in my cookbook Paleo Italian Cooking along with other Paleo recipes I think you will enjoy.

Here is the recipe for my Paleo Creamy Coconut Custard! Give it a try.  It's really good.

28th Feb 2017

Grilling Perfect Eggplant


I get a lot of questions regarding grilling eggplant.  I can relate to grilling any vegetables.  You buy the perfect eggplant and when you grill it part of it burns and gets crispy which was not the plan then you get discouraged. Especially when you want it for a vegetable salad or that perfect recipe you wanted to try for company.  Here are my tips to ensure your eggplant will grill perfect every time!

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27th Feb 2017