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Cindy Competing on the Dr. Oz Show - July 12, 2016

I love to cook and enjoy competing even more!  2 summers ago I was a competitor on the Foodnetwork's  Cutthroat Kitchen and it was an amazing experience!  I have done many local competitions but doing one on National TV was a little nervous but ready for redemption!  I have the fire to do more. Wait until you hear what's next!!  

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20th May 2016

Breakfast - HEWFit Challenge

I have been a gym "rat" my entire life and couldn't imagine not getting up and doing my workouts.  6 years ago I walked into my first Crossfit gym in Naples, FL and when I was in Connecticut I had my Crossfit home at 033 and never looked back.  Yes, I have a few injury's, surgery's and now being over 50 (just barely) there is a lot of scaling!  However, I still have that fire to do my WOD each morning.  

We moved to Florida in November of 2015 and 3 months ago I joined Hard Exercise Works.  I just love this gym.  I look forward to the workouts, seeing the coaches and "friends" I have made.  I really enjoy the programming and feel energized for the entire day and my sleeping has been incredible.  

Now to get to this post!  The reason I am writing this is because Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  I don't eat before my WOD's. I get up early and mostly go to the 8am class and sometimes attend the 7am.  I make a pot of coffee, pour it in my travel mug and hit the road.  I alternate sips between coffee and water during my ride to the gym.

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05th May 2016

Healthy Water

I have really settled into Florida and just love my new gym.  The energy, the workouts, the coaches and of course all of the great folks I have met make my mornings exciting!

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18th Apr 2016

Company is about spending time together! Keeping it easy and enjoying what important...

Recently we visited our friends in Colorado for a long weekend.  The weather was spring like in early March and we were able to walk around Boulder and enjoy the wonderful shopping and restaurants.

We did enjoy great dinners out but sometimes it's nice to stay in and cook together while enjoying nice wine and playing trivial pursuit (that's another story).

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13th Apr 2016

Paleo Italian Cooking Book Review - Stephanie Weaver, Recipe Renovator

Thank you Stephanie for the review on my cookbook Paleo Italian Cooking!

To read the review go here!  Recipe Renovator Book Review.

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08th Apr 2016

Food Wine Conference, May 13-15, 2016 #FWCon

My friend and owner of Happylicious by Betsy  asked me if I was going to the Food Wine Conference, May 13-15, 2016 and I immedialty checked it out on line and knew that I wanted to not only attend but become a brand ambassador.  

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01st Apr 2016