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From Cindy's Blog

A great way to connect with others is through Food


It all began when I was a little girl. My fondest memories are walking into my Nana’s house to the smell of food simmering on the stove.  At times when I am sad or have the blues it takes me a few minutes to close my eyes and be back in her kitchen.  Then I feel so much better!

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19th Oct 2016

Healthy Snacks On-Board


Many of us try to keep a healthy lifestyle at home. Part of this lifestyle includes preparing your meals, perhaps going to the farmers market and an exercise activity. 

When we travel it’s hard to stay on track.   My husband and I travel often and when we have a few days of eating on the run or choosing food that makes us not feel so well after doesn’t make traveling fun.

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17th Oct 2016

Hamilton Beach Giveaway

Thank you Hamilton Beach for another great Giveaway!


Enter Here To Win

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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17th Oct 2016

Schedule Your Custom Cooking Class with Cindy's Table

Whether you are looking to start cooking, continue cooking or learn new techniques; let Cindy’s Table work with you on customizing a cooking class specifically for you.

Want to schedule your customized cooking class at your home, office or other location with Cindy's Table?  We make it so easy.

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13th Oct 2016

Boating Recipes And Tips for the BVI - A Must Read

We love the BVI and have chartered a Yacht and a Catamaran.  The first time we were on the Yacht there was a captain and both my husband and I were not a fan of the food that was prepared.  Therefore, the next time we decided to do it again I was the Chef.  We had an amazing captain and I learned a lot about what do cook and what not to cook.

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25th Aug 2016

Place of Hope (Event October 20, 2016)

Thank you for reading this blog on an Upcoming event for Place of Hope.  I have donated my Chef services for this event and we are planning on about 250 guests.  I am in need of sous chefs and servers.  If you are willing to help me please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you own a business or work for a business we can help you promote and hopefully get business!  This event is for the Young Ambassadors of Hope!  The Young Ambassadors of Hope are passionate and influential young professionals, ages 21 to 40, that are committed to serving as Ambassadors to Place of Hope.

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09th Aug 2016

All about Zucchini

I love zucchini and during the summer there is an abundance this fresh vegetable. You can find them in different sizes.  I like mine in a medium size and a darker green yet firm.  I have noticed the smaller zucchini are sweeter in flavor and the super large ones do tend to taste bitter.

Zucchini can be consumed raw or cooked and there are so many ways to enjoy and I will share my recipes with you for anytime!

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07th Aug 2016