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From Cindy's Blog

Let Cindy be your Brand Ambassador

Hi I am Cindy the creator of Cindy's Table.  I have been cooking in my Nana's kitchen before I could reach her counter.  Our Italian family has passion for cooking and the love of being together at the dinner table!  I owned a Software Training Company, worked in IT Recruiting, served as President in many Networking groups, Leader and Mentor while dedicated my time cooking for my family, friends, charities, private parties and other events.  I have published 2 cookbooks, share my recipes on my blog, appear on a regular basis on local TV sharing my recipes on cooking segments.  I have also been on many National shows and compete in cooking competitions.  I have also taught at local schools, universities and corporate environments to provide specific techniques, tips and skills to adult students.

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15th Nov 2016

Farm to Table

Farm to table foods are becoming quite popular in today’s society. Just like the name suggests farm to table foods are foods that are offered to consumers straight from local farms. Farm to table foods have increased in popularity in recent years as the knowledge of their health and environmental benefits have become more widespread.

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07th Nov 2016

Cooking with Wine (As seen in Season's Magazine)

I was asked to contribute an article and recipe to Season's Magazine.  Here it is!  I am excited to share with you.  Enjoy

Julia Child once said, “I enjoy cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food,” a sentiment shared by Connecticut cookbook author Cindy Barbieri. Head over to Cindy's Table, where wine is celebrated by the glass and in a trio of easy, aromatic dishes perfect for winter celebrations.

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02nd Nov 2016

A great way to connect with others is through Food


It all began when I was a little girl. My fondest memories are walking into my Nana’s house to the smell of food simmering on the stove.  At times when I am sad or have the blues it takes me a few minutes to close my eyes and be back in her kitchen.  Then I feel so much better!

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19th Oct 2016

Healthy Snacks On-Board


Many of us try to keep a healthy lifestyle at home. Part of this lifestyle includes preparing your meals, perhaps going to the farmers market and an exercise activity. 

When we travel it’s hard to stay on track.   My husband and I travel often and when we have a few days of eating on the run or choosing food that makes us not feel so well after doesn’t make traveling fun.

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17th Oct 2016

Schedule Your Custom Cooking Class with Cindy's Table

Whether you are looking to start cooking, continue cooking or learn new techniques; let Cindy’s Table work with you on customizing a cooking class specifically for you.

Want to schedule your customized cooking class at your home, office or other location with Cindy's Table?  We make it so easy.

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13th Oct 2016

Boating Recipes And Tips for the BVI - A Must Read

We love the BVI and have chartered a Yacht and a Catamaran.  The first time we were on the Yacht there was a captain and both my husband and I were not a fan of the food that was prepared.  Therefore, the next time we decided to do it again I was the Chef.  We had an amazing captain and I learned a lot about what do cook and what not to cook.

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25th Aug 2016