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Cindy on Better Connecticut Preparing Italian Cerviche

Cindy was on Better CT with Scot Haney and Kara Sundlun preparing Italian Cerviche and talking about her Dr. Oz Freezer Challenge Cooking Competition.

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14th Jul 2016

Grilling Perfect Eggplant


I get a lot of questions regarding grilling eggplant.  I can relate to grilling any vegetables.  You buy the perfect eggplant and when you grill it part of it burns and gets crispy which was not the plan then you get discouraged. Especially when you want it for a vegetable salad or that perfect recipe you wanted to try for company.  Here are my tips to ensure your eggplant will grill perfect every time!

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14th Jul 2016

Paleo Recipes for the 4th of July


I love the 4th of July for a few reasons.  It's my birthday and my kids and grandchildren come for the weekend.  I want to spend the entire weekend with my family and not miss any special moments with my grandchildren.  They love to be on the lake and the boat with Papa and I love to capture them in action. They all love to cook and bake with me so I pick recipes that are easy and don't make a big miss.  We use a lot of disposable plates and grill for every meal.  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter. Here is the one I sent out today!

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01st Jul 2016

Are you a Traveling Foodie?

Most of you know we love to travel and being a foodie is so much fun!  I love to share the places we visit and especially when we have great food.  I want to list all of our favorite restaurants on my website.  If you want to share with me your favorite restaurant from anywhere in the world you have visited please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view to me!  

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09th Jun 2016

Spoon and Stable - Dinner Review

We had the pleasure of enjoying a lovely dinner with Federated Insurance at the Spoon and Stable in Minneapolis.

When you first walk in the restaurant it feels very inviting with a home feeling. I just loved the open kitchen. The staff were friendly and very accommodating as I was taking photos! It’s a food bloggers life.

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02nd Jun 2016

Recap: Food and Wine Conference 2016 #FWcon

Best food bloggers conference!

I was excited to learn about the Food and Wine Conference from my friend Betsy Cohen who we met through another culinary group.  My husband and I recently moved to Florida and it’s been an amazing transition while growing Cindy’s Table.

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01st Jun 2016