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From Cindy's Blog

Cooking For Your Doggie!

Our dogs are family.  You hear some say "fur babies" or their dog is a family member.  I feel the same way.  Jake our Jack Russell is our love and we are mommy and daddy to him.  

We have so many dog boutiques and bakeries that we can surely find healthy treats for our BFF.  There are many "human" food items that are really bad for your dog so beware.  As you have noticed many specialty dog food includes "human" food and no additives.  I love preparing Jakes treats.  Although we feel that dogs should eat kibbles for their sensitive stomachs so I make him all healthy treats.  You can find the list of treats here!

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25th May 2017

What to do with your left over meatballs

I love meatballs and there can be a pot of sauce simmering on the stove each week with Meatballs and there is a happy family in my house.  Now that our kids are all grown up and moved on they all ask to take the meatballs home.  This means I need to make a lot of meatballs.

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17th May 2017

Cindy's Table Coloring and Activity Book "for foodies"

Cindy's Table is excited to announce our series of Coloring and Activity Books "for foodies" coming this summer.  We will be distributing for free in the Palm Beach County area.  If you are business in the Palm Beach Gardens or Jupiter area check out the media kit below.  Contact us as space is limited!

Check out our Media Kit!


10th May 2017

Rack of Lamb - Lamb Chops

Growing up in an Italian family we loved Lamb.  Although our Sunday's always included a pot of meatballs my Nana would love to surprise us with Lamb. Sometimes we would make a rack of lamb or lamb chops for Friday night dinner then we would sit around a play cards.  My husband and I love lamb but when we have guests over we ask them if they like lamb.  Some say Yes, Some say No and others say "Not Sure"  We normally decide to make lamb chops as an appetizer and when they are wrapped proscuitto.  Lamb provides such a beautiful presentation that your guests will feel excited to enjoy some with you!

To me!  Lamb is the perfect meat for entertaining.

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09th May 2017

Paleo Recipes for Cinco De Mayo

We were just in Mexico and enjoyed some great food.  We love having a Mexican night and it normally starts with a guacamole and fajitas.  Here are some of my recipes that I made just this week after our trip and other recipes have been on the blog.  I included all of then in this blog post so you have them all together.  I hope you love them and please share!  Thanks, Cindy xo

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05th May 2017

We LOVE Chicken Cutlets

You know your Italian when you can eat a chicken cutlet for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime (when you can't sleep).  As a matter of fact when I am out doing errands all day and I need to eat - I find an Italian market and grab a few chicken cutlets.  Here is Florida I go straight to Josephs Classic Market and while in Connecticut I text my friend Don and head toDiFiore Ravioli Shop to eat!  No drive-through fast food for me!

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02nd May 2017

Rosemary, Lemon and Garlic Roasted Chicken on the Big Green Egg

We just love our Big Green Egg and creating new recipes for us to enjoy.  Soon we will be starting a series of videos with new recipes to share with you.  Be sure to sign up for Cindy's Table Newsletter and to be the first in getting new recipes, upcoming events and giveaways!  We just love sharing recipes and sponsoring giveaways.

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02nd May 2017