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From Cindy's Blog

Favorite Popover Recipes

We love popover and our family has been enjoying them since I was a little girl.  Even though my family was Italian we always incorporate popovers or yorkshire pudding with roast beef or roasted chicken dinners.  It really wasn't for the meat but for the gravy.  We all had our own ramekins filled with gravy for dipping.  It's true - We all still do it..  

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17th Apr 2017

Paleo Muffins - Sweet and Savory

Who doesn't love muffins.  Especially Paleo muffins.  Muffins are fun to make and you can add your favorite ingredients to enjoy them sweet or savory.  These are my pancetta and herb muffins where are simply amazing!  This recipe is in my cookbook Paleo Italian Cooking.  I make these a lot in the summer at our lake house.  They are great with coffee or I serve them with my dinners too or a snack.

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12th Apr 2017


Braciole is an Italian dish that is so easy to prepare and cooks for a long period of time then enjoyed fork tender.

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12th Apr 2017

It's Spring - Let's enjoy some Lamb

I have so many memories that are cherished with all of my heart cooking with my Nana.   Spring has always been a favorite season with fresh vegetables, flowers blooming and of course Lamb.  My Nana would love to prepare Lamb in so many ways but one of our favorites is Lamb Chops with Artichokes.  Lamb and Artichokes just yell Spring!  Easter is just around the corner and we would always have roasted lamb.  My Nana would also have a large pot of artichokes filled with lots of garlic steaming for us to enjoy.

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10th Apr 2017

Braising on the Big Green Egg

We all know  how amazing it is to Smoke on the Big Green Egg!  We love to smoke ribs and pork but you can also grill and braise along with so much more!

We decided to Braise Short Ribs and OMG were they the best we have every had - Here is the recipe!  

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29th Mar 2017

Blackened Pan Seared Snapper

I am sharing the easiest and most delicious red snapper recipe.  Glenn and I were out all day and wanted a piece of fish for dinner.  When we were at the seafood department the fresh red snapper looked really good and it's a fish we don't normally get.  Glenn asked if they would blacken it for us and that was a great idea to make it super easy.  Check out the recipes here!

Because we love sharing our recipes  go here to check out our other seafood recipe and keep checking back.  We are always cooking up something amazing to share with you.

Enjoy xo

Easy Blackened Pan Seared Snapper

Blackened Seared Yellow Tail Snapper with Sauteed Vegetables

07th Mar 2017

Cindy's Table Loves Frittata's

I have been know as the "Queen" of Frittata's.  My Nana never waisted food and when we had left overs we made  a frittata.  Frittata's are great because you can simply add anything you want such as any meets or vegetables.  I love using my left overs.  You can bake in a cast iron pan, sauté pan or a baking dish.  You can cut into wedges or square.  You can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime that's perfect for you.  

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03rd Mar 2017