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Cindy on Daytime WFLA with Jerry Penacoli

OMG what an amazing experience being on the Daytime WFLA set and cooking with Jerry Penacoli on Tuesday, February 9, 2016  Here is the cooking segment and recipe for my Spaghetti Squash with Chicken Ragu.  I just love sharing one pot recipes especially in my beautiful LeCreuset pans that are perfect from stove to table!  Enjoy....

All of the ingredients from this segment came from Winn-Dixie!


10th Feb 2016

Cindy on with Jimmy Moore "The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show


I was thrilled to chat with Jimmy Moore about my journey in live and my new cookbook - Paleo Italian Cooking.  I hope you listen as this podcast was close up and personal to my life as a child and where this journey has taken me.  Thank you Jimmy for this amazing experience!  

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08th Feb 2016

Veal Medallions Over A Pea Salad With A Lemon Sauce

As I was planning my blog post for Veal Made Easy, the perfect recipe came to me!  Veal medallions over a pea salad with a lemon sauce. I love easy dishes that are full of flavor and perfect for everyday to gourmet.

Many of my favorite ingredients are included in this healthy veal dish.  This recipe and opinions from this post are solely mine. 

I am a proud Italian and grew up in my Nana’s kitchen. We loved cooking our weeknight meals but more importantly our Family Sunday dinners.. She and I would talk about what we should make 3 days before. I cherish all of the memories with her and still love to share them with my readers on One of our family favorites is veal and that made writing this post extremely exciting to me.

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15th Jan 2016

Primal Blueprint Podcast


Cindy Barbieri, Author of Paleo Italian Cooking, Featured Guest on the Primal Blueprint Podcast 

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12th Jan 2016

Cindy on WFSB preparing Eggplant and Sausage Caponata

Cindy was on WFSB Sunday morning (Nov 1st) with Kim Lucey and Mike Cameron preparing her Eggplant and Sausage Caponata from Paleo Italian Cooking Cookbook.

Be sure to order your copy today!


23rd Dec 2015