Emile Henry Risotto Pot Review

I just love my Emile Henry Risotto pot simply because it gives me all the room I need for mixing and stirring around all of my ingredients. I just used it to make my Risotto with Peas and Pancetta  and my Porcini Mushroom and Peas "Cauliflower" Risotto and let me tell you, I am in love.  It's also beautiful and goes from the stove to the table!

Nothing is a bigger pet peeve of mine than not having enough room to thoroughly mix around all of my ingredients and this risotto pot is just the right fit (and then some). With all of the different cooking classes and segments that I do, I’m always working with different stove-tops. The risotto pot is perfect for working on any kind of stove-top which is important, because nothing is worse than going to prepare a meal for a holiday like Thanksgiving at someone else’s house, only to find out your cooking materials aren’t compatible with the stove.

It is extremely dishwasher safe, which now-a-days is crucial because most modern-day homes have dishwashers and who wants to deal with scrubbing away at a pot by hand anyhow? Nothing ever sticks to the bottom of the pot either which is great, which means no having to soak the pot over-night or for hours on end. If you want a pot that’s easy to work with and no-hassle, the Emile Henry Risotto Pot is for you!