Cindy Anschutz Barbieri is not only a food blogger, cookbook author but also a public speaker and on-air personality. Her experience includes talent for Dr. Oz, Food Network, Daytime, Better Show, Better Connecticut, Connecticut Style, MassAppeal, Food and Wine Conference and other cooking segments airing on NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC.

  • TV and Radio Media
  • Instagram/Facebook/Twitter
  • Event Appearances
  • Corporate Team Building with Cooking
  • Corporate Demonstrations and Facilitation
  • TV Cooking
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Cooking Demonstrations (home shows, cooking shows, events)
  • Video
  • Magazines, newspapers, Blogs
  • Food and Product Reviews
  • Restaurant Consultant

Cindy loves everything home, food, kitchen accessories, appliances, etc related!  Cindy is passionate, professional and a public speaker.   Cindy is available for speaking engagements, home and food shows as well as being your company spokesperson.

Cindy has a proven track record working with brands while building and nurturing new relationships.  

In addition to raising awareness to your brand we also manage blogging and adding to a full social media outreach.  Contact us today!  

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