Live Demonstrator

Cindy is a Lifestyle Chef who loves to travel the world and share her joy of food with everyone. Cindy will represent your private event, large food brands for culinary demonstrations or home shows to use your product.

Cindy has an extensive resume including her Corporate America background as a Software Trainer. She knows how to engage an audience and keep then entertained.

If you are seeking a TV chef who is loveable and has a fun personality give Cindy a call.

Live cooking Demonstrations and Cooking Classes

Cindy will engage and teach a small class or large audience. Cindy loves food and home shows to show off her culinary talents as well as using your products to increase your customers.

Cindy travels on a regular basis and can share her culinary travel experiences with the audience and students.

Contact Cindy for your next corporate event, home show, product show, food show or other culinary opportunities where a speaker or facilitator is required.

You may have seen Cindy on a TV show doing a cooking segment, Dr. Oz, Foodnetwork and other National shows.

Cindy has also published 2 cookbooks and share many recipes on her blog. You can find her cookbooks on Amazon an local book stores. Her books are Cindy’s Table “bringing Italy to your home” and Paleo Italian Cooking.

If you are interested in Contacting Cindy email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..