Paleo Treats Review

Marielle Salden from Paleo Treats reached out to me and asked if I would give her her desserts a try!  I will start by admitting that I am not a big chocolate lover. I know it's crazy but true. I love custards and cannoli's (I am Italian) but after sampling these treats my enjoyment for chocolate rekindled!

I want to thank Marielle for sending me these decandent treats.   My friends also enjoyed sampling them with me and did not believe they were healthy and paleo!  After tasting each one below is my description that I hope will help you order them NOW!


Cindy xo


Bandito- This Bandito from Paleo Treats is scrumptious and will melt in your mouth, without the guilt! If you have that peanut butter craving, this is the next best thing. It's rich and chocolaty on the outside, while being nice and crunchy on the inside. The almond butter base makes it taste just like a peanut butter cup, without all the real peanut butter calories. The honey is the perfect add on to make it sweet like a real candy bar. You'll feel like you just had dessert!

Mustang - If you're a big granola bar fan, this is the perfect treat for you! The mustang bar will have you wanting more with its sweet vanilla taste, best served after being left in the freezer. It's the best way to get that satisfaction without plowing through a whole box of chewy granola bars! These are a great pick-me-up for a hike or after a work-out!

Cacao Now! - Calling all trail mix and chocolate lovers. Cacao Now is the ultimate fix if you have the ultimate sweet tooth. These are the perfect dessert or work snack and they don't disappoint. The chocolate instantly melts in your mouth and tastes even better frozen. The candy, raisin and nut bits add great texture. 

Brownie Bomb - These Brownie Bombs are the next best thing to mom's homemade brownies, except these brownies won't have you crying on the scale! You can dunk them in your milk, enjoy them chilled or even heat them up for a second in the microwave. They're gooey perfection and you'll satisfy that brownie craving to the tee. 

Mac Attack! - You no longer have to go through a whole sleeve of Macaroons with the Mac Attack! If you love coconut and crunch, this is your calling. They're deep, rich in flavor and healthy at that. Each bite will have you coming back for more and you can enjoy them with a cup of milk or coffee. They make for the perfect work snack but we must warn you, the office might be giving you a run for your money with these scrumptious treats!

I hope you enjoyed my review on these amazing desserts!

Cindy xo