Cooking With Kids

Whether you are preparing a magnificent holiday feast or just another family dinner kids in the kitchen can be a bit of a pest. They usually start out with good intentions and generally want to help, but they end up being a distraction and lead to a dinner disaster. Even though children in the kitchen can be wild and messy there are ways that you can get children to be productive in the kitchen.

Before you decide on letting any kids help you cook, you should determine if your recipe has any easy steps that kids can handle. These steps may include pouring, stirring, or possibly even peeling any vegetables you might need. And if you can’t think of anything easy enough for kids to do you could always make them do the dishes!

Also, if you are doing any baking, kids can be a huge help. They can help by mixing batter while you get other ingredients together. Or you can ask them to find the ingredients while you get the oven ready.

After the baking is complete kids can even frost and decorate the baked goods. They will have so much fun being creative and lending a helping hand. Just make sure you keep a close eye on any delicious goods they may be tempted to sneak into their mouths.

Kids will love the chance to help you cook and will have tons of fun with you in the kitchen. When you organize kids in the kitchen they may actually help you clean up and finish preparing your meal in less time. Kids can be capable of helping you cook with just a little bit of organization. Just give kids clear, simple jobs and they will transform into your little kitchen helpers in no time!