Cooking with Friends!

Here are a few ways to Enjoy Food with friends.

I am available to come to your home and create an amazing dinner for your and your guests.  I have helped couples entertain their guests by the following suggestions and always creating new ideas. 

  1. A cooking class at Home.  Invite your friends, select a theme or techniques and we do the rest. (more information below)
  2. Having guests come in from out of town!  Let's put together a fun menu and pairing wine or libations.  This can be a full sit down dinner or small plates.
  3. Girlfriends weekend!  Let's have fun and let me prep your food for a fun and exciting weekend.  You and your friends go to the beach, shop and catch up!  I will put together a memorable menu for you to enjoy together.
  4. A full dinner party!  Do you love to entertain and invite your friends over.  Let me put together a fun yet elegant menu for you.  I will to he shopping, cooking, serving and cleaning!  You enjoy the evening with your guests.
  5. Executives and Celebrities!  Let me create a menu to dazzle your guests.  Casual, Elegant, Small Plates or Themed.  

Another way to enjoy Cooking with Friends!

Looking for a stress-free and fun time with friends? Plan a cooking class with me, where I will take care of everything from the start and finish (all you have to do is show up)! I am willing to work around your schedule as well as where you would like to host the class. My cooking demonstrations are meant to fit YOUR needs, meaning you can pick what you’d like me to teach and it can be as hands on or as hands off as you’d like. It’s a perfect time for bonding and picking up some tips for the kitchen. This is also a great gift for a loved one or friend that really enjoys cooking. If you’d like to take advantage of this unique and wonderful experience, learn more about my classes here or contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Let’s schedule something today!

How it works!

  1. Invite your friends (typical in-home class is 6-8 depending on size of kitchen).
  2. Pick a theme or techniques along with experience level.  Class is customized and we will provide menu options.
  3. A customized menu is created for your class.
  4. Each class is about 3 hours
  5. Upon arrival of your guests we will have appetizers ready for them to enjoy.  BYOB/Drinks by host
  6. Cost includes Food and Travel (within 30 minutes)  Range from $50 to $75 per person

Sample Menus/techniques

  1. Roasted Chicken Dinner with vegetables and dessert.
  2. Cooking with seasonal vegetables and fruits.
    1. Including storing, make-ahead and techniques.
  3. Meats: Roast, Steaks, Pork with vegetables and dessert
    1. Braising
    2. Roasting
    3. Pan Sauté
    4. One-Pot
  4. Seafood with vegetables and dessert
    1. Sauté
    2. Pan Fry
    3. Parchment paper baked
    4. Baked/Roasted
  5. Holiday dinner 
    1. Make ahead
    2. Healthy sides
    3. Desserts
  6. Cook Once Meals All Week
    1. One protein and 4 dishes to enjoy during the week
    2. Make your lunches for the week
    3. Preparing vegetables for the week
    4. How to shop efficiently and eat healthy all week
  7. 30 Minute Weeknight Suppers
    1. Easy and healthy suppers to enjoy with your family
    2. One-pot Suppers


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