Making Turkey Gravy

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Making Turkey Gravy

I just love gravy! When making chicken or turkey I need to make gravy. I actually think a turkey dinner is not complete without the gravy.. Especially us Italians that love to dip!! HA



  1. Once you remove the turkey take a whisk and scrape up all of the drippings. Over medium heat add to a sauce pan. You may need to add additional chicken stock.

  2. 2 tablespoons arrowroot powder (add one tablespoon at a time).

  3. Once the broth starts to boil add in liquid cornstarch. Add pepper and chop up 1 spring of rosemary or fresh thyme and if you have any lemon juice left – just add a little!

  4. Taste for any additional seasonings and turn to a simmer while you carve the gravy. It will begin to thicken!

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