After building a successful software training business while whisking and blending my knowledge, passion and creativity in the culinary world.   A combination of two careers developed into one perfectly executed collaboration.

As you know the braising process takes time and now with my successful blog, two cookbooks, regular tv appearances the perfect ingredients have been combined together.

We have the secret recipe to cross correlate corporate training and culinary experience as a great tool to train corporate teams in communication, team building; which build moral and help to increase sales or team productivity.

During this lifetime of cooking and culinary experience I bring my clients a unique training experience at the perfect temperature to keep the audience engaged and challenged for activities that may need a secret ingredient to create that perfect dish.

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Program Overview!

Cindy’s Table team will create a Culinary Team Building Program to meet your requirements for a memorable and engaging experience. Upon a scheduled call we will define the type of event to be scheduled such as an interactive cooking class, cooking competition or even a wine paring formal event.

Corporate FAQ's

Depending on the program or challenge that is selected your team will arrive to a confortable and relaxing environment welcomed by our staff. An overview will be given once everyone has arrived then we will begin our culinary journey. We will encourage cheering, excitement and food tasting!

Depending on the program selected a typical interactive cooking class for 10-15 students can take 1/2 day to gain the full benefits of our team building session. If we are doing a cooking competition for a large team with multiple rounds this could be a full day. To keep the entire group engaged we will plan smaller breakout sessions via cooking lessons such as cooking techniques, knife skills and other topics.

We have extensive corporate experience and can identify those who need a little nudge or the leaders of the pack. We will pair appropriately, get them to engage with others and we have ways to get participants excited and ensure they will have fun.

We encourage everyone to participate in all activities.

Yes, our goal is to follow the program we create for your team and stay on track. Your facilitator will be responsible for your entire event. All teams will receive both written and verbal instructions or directions. You may ask questions to your facilitator and work together during the event to ensure a smooth, successful and safe program.

Our goal is to meet challenges you feel need to be identified. We will focus on communication from the participants and our experiences will bring you improved morale, stronger teams, identify qualities in your employees and a memorable day together.

We will ask you a few questions to get started. For example; why are you interested in planning a team building with cooking? We can help you by suggesting events that have worked in the past. We will also ask where you want this scheduled as many times our team building programs are part of a company users group, golf event or other corporate gathering. An estimate of participants you expect, as that will help us determine how many teams, recipes, etc. as we plan out suggested programs.

We do not supply or suggest prizes. Each company has a different process or regulations on prizes. If you decide to award prizes we can discuss how they will be announced.

Once we discuss the type of program and number of participants we will give you specifications for the space needs. We will require a dining space with a working kitchen, area for team along with refrigeration and storage for delivered materials. Our team will arrive the day before to ensure set up, equipment testing and other items needed for the scheduled program.


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