Cindy on WFSB Preparing Creamy Cucumber Soup! Oh no what happens....

Cindy was on WFSB Saturday, August 15, 2015 with Kim Lucey and Scot Haney preparing creamy cucumber soup for viewers.  Lindsey Kent, Dietitian from Shop Rite, E. Hartford and Manchester, CT joined Cindy to talk about the healthy and nutrition benefit of this recipe.  Cindy tested the blender before the segment but the unexpected happened! However after the segment the blender worked!  Oh well...  This was my first experience in Live TV for this to happen....  

Now check this out!

Blooper the Ninja blender really did work ------> Now the blender works!

Nutrition information from Lindsey Kent!

for 4 servings....... 

150 calories 

8 grams protein 

11grams carbohydrates 

9 grams fat 

4 grams fiber 

480mg sodium