About Cindy

With over 25 years of experience in the corporate world as a software trainer and executive recruiter, Cindy Anschutz Barbieri developed an eclectic set of skills. Practicing patience, diplomacy, resourcefulness, and a love of food, she has become a successful lifestyle chef, author, and home entertaining expert. But like any good entrepreneur, she is always looking forward to her next venture: to help business owners and managers realize their full potential and dreams.

Cindy’s journey from corporate project management , to culinary expert, to her current role in ministry have created a unique combination of talents worth being shared. Her passion to comfort, enrich, and nourish the body began in her Nana’s Italian kitchen as a young child and eventually blossomed into a mission to nourish the soul. Success in any business begins with finding the right talent and a strong employee brand, along with identifying talented potential candidates. Cindy can create a thoughtful, strategic plan for your business, where the people are as important as the bottom line.

When she is not consulting, she enjoys her role as life-style chef. With her background in creating fresh, homemade, family-focused cuisine and home entertaining know-how, Cindy has been asked to appear on numerous local and national television cooking segments and radio shows. Cindy was also on the Foodnetwork’s, Cutthroat Kitchen, Hallmark Channel’s Better Show, and Dr. Oz.

She is the author of the highly praised cookbooks Cindy’s Table: Bring Italy to Your Home, and Paleo Italian.

With both of her children grown, this mother and a grandmother spends much of her time in her kitchen whipping up new recipes, often times with a ravenous audience of her husband Glenn and their Jack Russell Terrier, Jake.   Cindy lives in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. 

Cindy loves to entertain and share her entertaining tips with her followers on Facebook, her website and in her monthly newsletter.

Disclaimer: On this website you will find traditional and gluten-free recipes! Great tips, party planning and gracious entertaining!

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