Maille Review

We are so excited to share this review with you!  I am enjoying their products and love the mustards so much it's going into all of my recipes!   Here is a video I did using the Dijon Mustard.  We all loved it..  Go here ------> Pork Chops, Kale and Mushrooms in a Spicy Broth


Maille Dijon Mustard makes for the perfect vinaigrette on any salad, when mixed with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil! Personally, I love to pair it with pretzels as a late night snack but regardless, it is to die for. What sets this Dijon aside from the rest is its’ zing. If you like a little spice in your life, Maille Dijon is the way to go. I love some kick as far as flavors go in my food, so this Dijon also makes for the perfect marinade for pork and chicken. A lot of people get turned off because it sounds like it would be pricey, but I got a big tub of it for under $6.00. I highly recommend Maille Dijon Mustard because it surely will not disappoint!

I LOVE the Maille Whole-Grain Mustard because of its’ wonderful grainy texture and crisp, bold flavor that is simply mouth-watering when put on a sandwich! It’s an extremely high-quality mustard but it certainly won’t break the bank, which is why I highly recommend Maille if you love whole-grain mustard. Not only is it delicious on any sandwich, but it’s perfect for a pork dinner or any meat-based dinner for that matter. If you’re looking for a whole-grain mustard where you’ll really be able to tell its’ whole-grain, Maille is the way to go because you’ll be able to pick out the seeds in every mouth-watering bite.

Maille Cornichons are out of this world! I love to incorporate them into my famous potato salad that I bring to all of my family’s summer parties. They have a nice bite to them, but it’s not an over powering bite that is found to hold true in a lot of pickles. They also taste delicious on any sandwich or even can be the perfect snack at a party amongst black olives and whatever else you like to put out!