Bella Dots Collection 2.0 2-Slice Toaster


My new Bella Dots Collection 2.0 2-Slice Toaster has to be my new favorite addition to the kitchen. Not only does it look great with the rest of my décor, but I haven’t burnt my toast once. I’ve always struggled to find the perfect toaster.

My last one set my gluten-free bread on-fire, but this time around the “gluten-free” setting (one of six) makes it come out nice and crisp every-time. My husband no longer snickers at me because of the crumbs on the counter after making breakfast, because the slide out crumb tray makes for a mess-free zone.

My favorite thing about the Bella is that I don’t have to worry about burning myself. We’ve all been in a situation where our bagel is too far-down in the toaster and we hit our finger on the inside. I no longer have that problem because the slots on it are huge. Some heating appliances get really hot on the outside as well, but the Bella has a cool-touch exterior. This puts my mind at ease not only because it’s safe for me to use, but my grand-children don’t have to worry about hurting themselves on it either. I don’t know how many times I’ve driven myself nuts thinking the kids were going to burn themselves while making a bagel.

I highly recommend this product for all of your toasting needs because it covers all of the bases. With a gluten-free, waffle, bagel, toast, reheat and defrost setting- it’s impossible to mess up! The price is un-beatable and it’s kid friendly. For more information on this amazing toaster visit,,