Emile Henry Deep Dish Pie Plate

My Emile Henry Deep Dish Pie Plate is my favorite because the crust on my pies always come out nice and crisp just as they should.

The way the heat is dispersed throughout the pan, it makes it so the pies cook so it’s nice and gooey in the center. So far, I’ve never had a pie come out burned and the crust has never crumbled! The dish is made out of clay, making it nice and strong for years of use. I never have a problem with using the dish at high amounts of heat and every-time I take it out of the dishwasher it comes out looking brand new. You’ll never have to worry about soaking it before-hand in your sink for hours at a time, and your pie will never stick to the bottom when you’re cutting out a slice. My pet peeve is when the piece breaks off when you cut it because the crust sticks to the dish. With this pie dish, you’ll never have that problem! I used it to make my Paleo Deep Dish Apple Pie and it came out excellent. This pie dish is a must-have.