Cabo Flats, West Palm Beach, FL

I was offered a free dinner in exchange for a review at Cabo Flats.  Since I had planned for my sisters to visit for a special weekend as Michelle (on the left) just turned 50.  I asked if they would allow the 3 of us to enjoy dinner and they agreed.  I have to start off this review by saying; "How come I never ate there before".  From the moment we walked in the hostess made us feel welcomed and we knew immediately we were going to have a fun night.  (NOTE: The hostess did not know we were there to review the restaurant)

We sit down and Ashley comes over to our table!  She is smiling, welcomed us and of course asked what are you drinking.  Due to health issues I can't drink tequila but my sisters each enjoyed a different style of margarita and LOVED them!  I stuck with club soda.  

Ashley came over and asked if we wanted to start with anything while we looked over the menu and in stereo we all said Guacamole.  She had that lovely smile again and said good choice.  She also explained that they don't make it table side but it is made fresh to order each time.  We just loved it.  

After we devoured the guacamole we decided to order dinner.  All 3 of us decided to order something different so we can share.

I go out to dinner a lot and mostly it's to have a fun night out.  I am a Lifestyle chef and love to cook at home.  To me what makes dinner more amazing is when you have a fun server.  Ashley was lovely, funny but more importantly she takes her job serious.  As we were decided what to order Ashley told us that the chef makes sure that everything prepped and served is fresh.  She is very serious about her job and elaborates on how the kitchen is dedicated on serving good food.  We asked about a few menu items and she was detailed on how it's prepared and served.  She also told us that we could custom order any selection.  Honestly, we would have loved for her to join us for dinner. We loved just chatting with her!  Cabo is lucky to have her as a dedicated employee.

Now we ordered dinner!  My sister Annmarie was between the Chicken taco because of the corn salsa and the classic chimichanga.  I told her lets order them both and her and I would share them.  I did ask for a side of the poblano corn salsa because it did sound really good.  Michelle ordered the Mahi tacos.

My sisters and I really enjoyed our time at Cabo Flats as we don't get to see each other often.  They both live in Texas and me in Florida so our time together is special and we love to laugh and really want to make our time special and memorable.  The manager even came over twice to make sure we were doing well and he was very nice and was glad we were having fun.  He let us know that they had music on Friday and Saturday nights.  I will definitely be going with my husband this fall.

Here are some photos of our foodl



The 3 of used shared all 3 dishes we did love them all.  We did vote that the Mahi taco but our #1 but they were all delicious.  

As a side note:  My husband and I go to Mexico every year therefore we don't go out for Mexican much in the states.  My sisters live in Texas where there are great Mexican restaurants.  Cabo Flats exceed our expectation and I personally am so glad because we finally found a Mexican restaurant the is authentic.  My sisters can't wait to come back to visit me and already asked if we can go to Cabo Flats!

Now after lots of talking, my sisters enjoying margaritas, great food and of course our wonderful server Ashley.  Our night was coming to an end. However, Ashely asked if we were interested in dessert.  This is so strange because my sister Annmarie and I at the same time asked if they had deep fried ice cream.  Ashley just laughed and said I am not going to bring you the dessert menu because we do have deep fried ice cream.  We were like little girls so excited!  I have not had deep fried ice cream in years.  

Not only did it come out beautiful but Ashely added a sparkler on it as well for us!  OMG the layer of pound cake over the ice cream then rolled in captain crunch cereal and deep fried.  What an ending to our night out.

We had an amazing evening and I want to thank Cabo Flats for inviting us to dinner.  Our experience was beyond enjoyable and our food was delicious and Ashley was amazing and really contributed to our experience.  Of course we had to take a group picture before we left!

I can't wait to come back this fall!  





Disclaimer!  I was offered a free dinner in exchange for a review. All opinions are mine.