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Recipes tagged with: tangy bbq

BGE Pork Shoulder (pulled pork)
  • Time: 2 days
  • Complexity: medium

BGE Pork Shoulder (pulled pork)

My husband and I love serving pulled pork over the summer.  It's easy to prepare in advance and keep warm while we are enjoying time on the lake with friends and family.  

We love our Big Green Egg and we know this was the best pulled pork because there was not one single piece left over.  

I have a few ways that I make my pulled pork such as my 5 ingredient pulled pork or Italian pulled pork that I prepare in the slow cooker.  

Since my spice rack is filled with Simply Organics we decided to do a dry rub and let it sit overnight.  

Give this recipe a try and even my vinegar based barbecue sauce that goes perfect with my vinegar cole slaw.


Cindy's Note:  Get a spray bottle and add about 1 cup of apple juice.