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Recipes tagged with: lamb shank

Lamb Bolognese
  • Time: 4 hours
  • Complexity: easy

Lamb Bolognese

During the summer we love grilling and we have the best butcher near us.  ED Stearns Meats has everything we need for the summer.  Some of their meats are frozen but you can just call them and they will take them out and have them ready for you.  Also, the butcher will cut your favorite slices of meat right in front of you!

I was at Stearns getting veal chops, pork butt and decided to grab some Lamb Shanks to make this delicious bolognese.  Give it a try!  Very yummy...  I served with roasted cauliflower but you can serve with pasta, polenta or just eat out of bowl and dip your bread!  Enjoy...