Roasted Red Peppers

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There are so many ways to enjoy roasted red peppers!  I know you can get them in a jar but grilling them is so easy and taste so much better.  I buy then on sale or at the farmers market and grill all of them and use them many ways throughout the week.  Check out my recipes using roasted red peppers.  

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  • Roasted Red Peppers (as many as possible)


  1. Heat your outside grill to a medium-high temperature.

  2. Place peppers on your grill over direct heat for about 15 minutes; skin blackened on all sides.  Turning occasionally (I use tongs).

  3. Place in a large bowl covered with clear wrap for about 10-15 minutes.  (this will allow the peppers to steam and easy to remove the skin).  

  4. Peel and use in your favorite recipe or just chop and add to your salad or any dish!

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