Try Cooking to Relieve Stress

I grew up in my Nana’s kitchen and the two of us loved our time together in the kitchen. We would chat about the dish we were making and create new recipes.

Life wasn’t easy for me as a kid but that is a story I keep as close to myself as my past. Therefore, cooking was my way to relax and I could pretend I was anywhere in the world cooking up an amazing dish. To me it was my happy place!

I went to Business school and knew I wanted to be a Corporate Facilitator. I loved technology and my drive and dedication allowed me to enjoy a great career in Corporate America.

As a single mother with 2 young children a full time job was a lot to juggle. This was before cell phones, emails and social media. Many times I felt as if I was a squirrel running in the wheel to nowhere.

Cooking was an escape for me--to chop up vegetables, pound chicken for cutlets or simmer a large pot of sauce. It was my time to be alone in the kitchen and sometimes with that glass of wine listening to my favorite music. This was my way to enjoy time in the kitchen. It is really a great way to release stress and focus on something else.

I feel that my Corporate Team Building with Cooking and 20 plus years of Corporate America, coupled with my Chef skills, is the perfect recipe for your employees. I can provide the knowledge to release stress in a positive way.

A great way to promote cooking as a release would be to encourage employees to plan their healthy meals for the week. Pick that one night when you cook your favorite dinner. We can also elaborate that trying a new recipe is not a great way to release stress unless you are doing it with a friend and wine!

I believe that with all of the cooking shows, cooking magazines and competitions it really gives many of us inspiration to cook for friends and family. Let’s promote it in the work place and cook away the stress!