Cindy on Better CT preparing Paleo Short Ribs with Spaghetti Squash

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Cindy was on Better Connecticut with hosts Scot Haney and Kara Sundlun preparing her Paleo Short Ribs with Spaghetti Squash for a healthy new year!

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Cindy on Better CT sharing 3 Lobster recipes!

Cindy share 3 lobster recipes with viewers on Better Connecticut Wednesday, July 29th with hosts Scot Haney and Kara Sundlun.

A big thank you to City Fish and Shop Rite, E. Hartford for the ingredients to prepare these 3 recipes!  We also loved our Le Creuset pans and platters!  

If you want to learn more about my  be sure to check it out!  I am sure you will love my authentic Italian recipes.  They will bring back memories if your loved to cook with your grandmother like I did....   

Here is the cooking segment!

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Cindy on WFSB Preparing Creamy Cucumber Soup! Oh no what happens....

Cindy was on WFSB Saturday, August 15, 2015 with Kim Lucey and Scot Haneypreparing creamy cucumber soup for viewers.  Lindsey Kent, Dietitian from Shop Rite, E. Hartford and Manchester, CT joined Cindy to talk about the healthy and nutrition benefit of this recipe.  Cindy tested the blender before the segment but the unexpected happened! However after the segment the blender worked!  Oh well...  This was my first experience in Live TV for this to happen....  

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