Day One as an Intern: A Beautiful Composition By Amanda Wright

I could barely contain my excitement as I drove up to the gates of NBC News where I was about to meet Cindy for the first time. I had spoken with her the night before about how I would get a first-hand look behind the scenes of her segment. “What a way to meet your future boss!” I thought to myself. As Cindy arrived, a bit eager to get inside, I realized I was definitely in for a treat (a delightful one at that!)

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Eggplant’s Colorful Past

As favorite summer fruit, eggplant can be found globally in almost any supermarket, just waiting to be grilled, stuffed, baked, fried, and eaten in a wide selection of dishes.

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Emile Henry Risotto Pot Review

I just love my Emile Henry Risotto pot simply because it gives me all the room I need for mixing and stirring around all of my ingredients. I just used it to make my Risotto with Peas and Pancetta  and my Porcini Mushroom and Peas "Cauliflower" Risotto and let me tell you, I am in love.  It's also beautiful and goes from the stove to the table!

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Italian Easter

Easters in Italy are much more elaborate than the Easters that we celebrate today in the United States. Easter is a very important holiday in Italy and is given more than just one day to be celebrated. In many Italian towns the Easter celebration begins on the Friday or Saturday before Easter. The days before Easter include intense masses followed by church processions with statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary through the streets of Italy.

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Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping Tips

I was a single mother for almost 15 years. Yes that was a long time but I do miss the days when my kids were home.  We had a “family meeting” every Sunday where we would go through all of the grocery store flyers and we would all come up with ideas for breakfast, school lunches, after school snacks and dinners.  After a long day of work and a busy schedule with the kids cooking on Sunday’s made the rest of our week more organized and everyone happy! 

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Media Training

Cindy has over 20 years of software training experience and will share her experience going form Corporate America to a TV personality. Cindy has taken media training from the top in the industry that opened doors for past and future Food Network Stars and Celebrity Chefs.

Let Cindy use her training skills, culinary experience and media experience for  your TV segments, demonstrations and other public appearances. 

This one-day class will give you valuable skills and confidence to manage your 3 or 5 minute TV segments.

If you are looking for the following then email Cindy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About! TV media training for cooks !

We are dedicated to provide home chefs, professional chefs, mixologists and other professionals in the food industry the best tools for a successful media appearance.

We will elaborate on each students’ passion about food, drink or products from TV to radio.

You want to do a TV cooking segment, become a television chef, cast for a cooking show or learn how to cook and talk at the same time while smiling and engaging the audience? Once you get that first opportunity for that cooking segment – You want to be invited back!

It doesn’t matter if you attended culinary school or not! You can cook and want to do it on TV successfully with a fun and likeable personality.

To be a TV cooking personality and be scheduled for local or national segments you need to SELL the viewers! You need to engage the audience and manage your time well while being courteous to the hosts!

Looking and feeling confident is the first step to success. I know that constant smile feels uncomfortable but it looks really good on TV and it makes the viewers happy.

If you want to audition for a cooking show the main characteristic they are looking for is personality! A big personality.. The cooking is actually a small piece of it. You decided to take the chance to audition – Then you can cook!

Learn more by clicking below and signing up for our Media Training Course.


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My friends at City Fish

I am so lucky and grateful for the friendship and support from City Fish.  I can honestly say that we have created a real friendship and truly care about each other. When I need seafood for my TV segments, Blog post, Magazine and even my new Paleo Tuscan Cookbook coming out later this summer both Davina and Telly were there for me.  I am beyond happy to feel and have the support from them but most importantly the friendship we have created.

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Team Building with Cooking


Cindy’s Table Corporate Team Building a Recipe for Success!

Are you looking for a way to develop a team, reward employees for their hard work, or add some fun and creativity to your corporate events? Think about booking a team building cooking class with Cindy!

Where does everyone end up at any dinner party or gathering – the kitchen!  We all feel comfortable and creative in the kitchen, so let’s use this relaxing environment to work on company strategies, managing grown or kick starting ideas! Working together to prepare a meal will take the stress and pressure away and allow everyone to get creative, relax, and have fun!

Cindy has over 25 years of experience working for a software training company and a lifetime of experience cooking. This background coupled with her passion for food will ensure a productive, enjoyable event! Cindy’s Table is now offering Team Building with Cooking. We can help you and your company build teamwork while having an entertaining time cooking.

Be sure to check out Cindy's Facebook Team Building Page

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