Cindy was on Cookstr with Kara Rota talking about  on their quickanddiretytips podcast.  Cindy's new cookbook!

Listen here!  How to eat paleo when you love Italian food 

Cindy was on Better Ct, Wednesday, Sept 30th sharing a recipe from her new cookbook  with hosts Kara Sundlun and Mark Zinni. To get the recipe be sure to get the book!  

I just love my OXO Mandoline and we had a little lesson after the show!   Thank you Shop Rite, E. Hartford for the ingredients to make this recipe!


Cindy was on NBC CT with Todd Piro (who is not on Fox and Friends) cooking up a recipe from her new cookbook. !  We  had so much fun and the crew got to eat all of the yummy food.  

To get the recipe - Go here ----->

Cindy was on WFSB sharing her Chopped Salad Recipe from her new cookbook! 


!  Be sure to preorder...