Cindy Anschutz is a true food enthusiast who began her love for cooking as a young girl in her grandmother’s kitchen. Today, Cindy enjoys entertaining and cooking for family and friends. As a tribute to her grandmother, she decided to publish Cindy’s Kitchen Cookbook with her favorite recipes including those from her nana’s kitchen. Cindy’s true passion is creating delicious, innovative Italian meals and you’ll experience her love for food, family and fun in each page of this book, which includes wonderful color photos. Her recipes will inspire you, give you helpful tips to organize your kitchen and make you look like a “Star,” whether you’re whipping up a tasty dinner for your family, a romantic meal for two, or throwing a dinner party for 20 of your closest friends. Cindy highlights her favorite Italian recipes including pasta favorites, seafood specialties, chicken dishes, tantalizing desserts, and more! Cindy’s Kitchen Cookbook – “All You Need for Every Day and All the Way to Gourmet – Italian Style:”

  • Gourmet Italian Recipes
  • Simple & Everyday Meals Recipes
  • Classics From “Nana’s Kitchen”
  • Stunning Images & Photography
  • Entertaining Recipes, Tips
“It’s going to be a great experiment to cook with this particular cook book because the author has written this book with first hand knowledge (hands on experience, not copied)!” – Chillaxinnh, from
“I love the variety of recipes here! There is a short and interesting intro to each of the recipes, that makes it feel a bit like you’re peeking into Cindy’s personal recipe book. Great traditional Italian dishes are interspersed with more contemporary favorites. There’s definitely something here for everyone.” – aquaman77, from