I have been know as the "Queen" of Frittata's.  My Nana never waisted food and when we had left overs we made  a frittata.  Frittata's are great because you can simply add anything you want such as any meets or vegetables.  I love using my left overs.  You can bake in a cast iron pan, sauté pan or a baking dish.  You can cut into wedges or square.  You can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime that's perfect for you.  

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When I was deciding what recipes to include in my  it was important to share Veal recipes.  I grew up eating veal in many ways including Meatballs, Chops, Milanese, etc.. This recipe is a favorite my husband and I enjoy together.  When we are in Italy was always order the specialty veal dinner and it's always amazing.

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First let's start with the basic information - This is a sauce and NOT a gravy!  Now let's move on...  Thank you.

I grew up with pots of sauce simmering on our stove with the amazing aroma though the house of garlic and herbs.  My Nana and I would stand over the pot while it was simmering dipping our bread to taste for seasoning of course... I really miss those days and her very much. 

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I don't get very excited about desserts!  But when I a custard type dessert is top of my list.   When I was a little girl my Nana and I would make a custard pie for dessert.  After everyone had a slice we would put the remaining in front of us with a spoon in hand.  We would just eat the custard and leave the pie crust behind.  To this day I just love custard.

This recipe is in my cookbook P along with other Paleo recipes I think you will enjoy.

Here is the recipe for my Paleo Creamy Coconut Custard! Give it a try.  It's really good.

Paleo Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu sounds so fancy but it's very easy to prepare and perfect for a weeknight dinner with your family.  I love gravy with my cordon bleu and this made a perfect topping to complete this dish.

I hope you give this  Paleo recipe a try!