Healthy Water

I have really settled into Florida and just love my new gym.  The energy, the workouts, the coaches and of course all of the great folks I have met make my mornings exciting!

We have a community board and I found a recipe for Sassy Water and read the benefits for bloating, etc.  You can click on it and learn more.  During this same time I discovered turmeric at the farmers market and decided to add it in the water as well.  I also add a piece of turmeric and ginger in my tea everyday at 3pm.

Here are some links to share some of the benefits of turmeric.

Yes, it does turn your fingers orange when you peel them (with a vegetable peeler) but it washer right off.  I don't notice a different flavor but I love the benefits!  I also add ginger to my protein smoothies and grate some on my scrambled eggs and have even grated some in my dishes such as sauces, soups and other meals (don't tell my husband).

I make a fresh pitcher every day and start off by filling my water bottle in the morning to take with me to the gym then fill it throughout the day.  I sometimes add more water and use the ingredients for 2 days.   Because it taste so good and refreshing I love drinking all day!  

I recommend you give it a try and enjoy Sassy Water with my extra twist of adding turmeric.

Enjoy xo