Holiday Crafts for Kids

Crafts are a great way for kids to express their creativity while decorating for the holidays. If you are trying to find great holiday crafts to do with your children around the holidays look no further. Below are some fun and easy crafts that you and your children can put together for the holidays.


  • Cotton Snowman- A little snowman made out of cotton balls will make a great Christmas decoration. All you need for this project is cotton balls, glue, and any household items you can find to decorate your snow man. Just glue the cotton balls together in a snowman shape and let dry. Then decorate your cotton-man however you wish. You can also use Styrofoam balls to make the snowman if you have them handy.
  • Cardboard Santa Sculpture- Got any cardboard lying around your house? If you do you can make a great Santa Claus sculpture out of it. Your kids can draw a Santa shape on it. Next they can cut the Santa shape out (or you can do the cutting if they are not old enough) and decorate him. Prop him up with a homemade cardboard stand or tape him somewhere so he can keep an eye on the kids before Christmas.
  • Mini Christmas Tree- All you need for this craft is a small branch off of your Christmas tree or you can take a walk outside and take a small branch off of an evergreen tree. Next prop your branch up in a pot or cup so that it looks like a mini Christmas tree. Then your kids can decorate their own mini Christmas tree with beads, candy canes, or anything they like. These will be fun to make and will help spread Christmas cheer throughout your house.
  • Stick Reindeer- Make a homemade reindeer using sticks from outside or Popsicle sticks. Once you find a bunch of sticks just put them together into a reindeer shape using glue, string, or rubber bands. Children can then decorate their reindeer however they like. You can also use pipe cleaners if you like. With pipe cleaners all you have to do is twist the ends together into a reindeer shape. Also, pipe cleaners bend better into a reindeer shape. However, if you are looking for household items you should be able to find plenty of twigs outside for free!
  • Snowflake- Paper or cardboard snowflakes make great decorations for the winter time. All you need is leftover paper or cardboard and maybe some paint or markers if your kids wish to decorate them. Just fold the paper or cardboard in half and cut out designs to make your own unique snowflake. Then unfold and decorate. You can also tie a string to your snowflake and hang from the ceiling.

            These are just some cheap and easy crafts that you and your children can do together. There are many other crafts that you can do with your kids at home, the possibilities are truly endless. Kids will love making these fun Christmas crafts that can also be used later as Christmas decorations that everyone will love.