Holidays with Pets

Holidays are hectic enough with parties to throw and places to go without worrying about your cat knocking down your Christmas tree or your dog eating the presents under the tree. We all love our adorable, furry friends but they tend to add extra chaos to the already stressful holidays.

If you have a pet you know how horrible it feels to leave it behind while you attend all of your holiday parties. You end up spending your entire night worrying about hurrying home to let the dog or to go feed your cats. You may even have to leave your holiday parties early in order to do this. This year instead of rushing home to feed your pets and let them outside ask your host if you can bring them with you. There is no harm in asking and if your host says yes you will be able to enjoy your holidays with your best pet pal.

Pets can also become stressful when you are hosting your own holiday party. Pets are usually a huge hit with all of the party guests and everyone seems to want their attention. In order to get your animal’s attention your party guests will most likely use food and give them an excessive amount of snacks. Although your cat or dog will love being fed these delicious treats your pet’s stomach might not be able to handle it. There are many foods that we eat that can make animals sick. If your guests don’t know what types of food are bad for your animal they might feed these foods to them without knowing how harmful they are. And while you are busy cooking and socializing it can be easy for guests to feed your animals harmful foods behind your back. One way to prevent guests from feeding your animals when you don’t want them to is to keep your animals in another room while you are dining. If you have a well-trained animal you can just command them to stay in a certain place. However, if your dog is not as well trained you may need to shut a door or put up some sort of gate to keep them in another room while everyone is eating.

Next time you feel stressed about what to do with your pet during the holidays just keep your pet’s needs in mind and try to think about ways that you can meet your pet’s needs while having a good time. You should be able to have fun and enjoy time with your family, friends, and pets during the holiday season!