Day One as an Intern: A Beautiful Composition By Amanda Wright

I could barely contain my excitement as I drove up to the gates of NBC News where I was about to meet Cindy for the first time. I had spoken with her the night before about how I would get a first-hand look behind the scenes of her segment. “What a way to meet your future boss!” I thought to myself. As Cindy arrived, a bit eager to get inside, I realized I was definitely in for a treat (a delightful one at that!)

A systematic chaos was in the air as we unpacked Cindy’s bucket full of cooking utensils and bags full of food. The idea of a typical face-to-face interview slowly drifted out of the windows of my mind as I began peeling carrots and a turnip for Cindy’s segment! One couldn’t possibly imagine that we could get everything done and prepared in the time allotted – potatoes and onions to be chopped, garlic to be peeled, plates to be dressed, and desserts to be displayed – but we sure tried! As the minutes counted down, we progressed on. I was dubbed as Cindy’s photographer and social media informant of the segment. “Five, four, three, two – ” the camera man counted down and it was time! Just like that, the chaos had turned in to a beautiful composition. “Wow,” I thought to myself as I snapped pictures and watched Cindy move swiftly through her segment, “We did it!”

As we cleaned up the kitchen, packed up Cindy’s goods, and said our goodbyes, I knew I was going to love this. “What a way to start off an internship,” I thought to myself. I can only imagine the excitement and knowledge that will follow during my time as an intern at Cindy’s Table.