Paleo Fig Newtons

I have been enjoying the Paleo Lifestyle for over 10 years.  I wouldn't say we are dedicated to Paleo or any other diet but we do eat well.  A normal dinner is meat and a vegetable.  We are actually on a new journey and only have 2 items on our plate.  Eating healthy is pretty easy when you make i part of your lifestyle.  Paleo, Keto, South Beach, the zone, atkins not to mention drink replacement drinks, pre-made frozen meals (which I would never eat YUCK!!) and so on!  You may have tried one or a few and maybe they worked or didn't work.  You may be a yoyo dieter or never diet at all.  

A point I am trying to make is not all diets or programs work for everyone.  We are all different and our bodies handle food, ingredients or an illness.  I hate when a person tells me that I should eat the egg yolk or I should be doing this or doing that without knowing the facts on my body!  We all process different and our reactions to certain food can be different.

Now to these cookies!  I have been so good the past few months.  Not drinking wine (I have Barrett's esophagus and decided the pain is not worth a glass.  Eating very clean (meat and a vegetable or just vegan (which I am loving and feels good on me) and Exercising everyday. I am now doing Orange Theory for the past 8 months and just love how I feel.  No more pain or healing many injuries.   After 10 years of Crossfit and a Bootcamp type workout I feel great!  My energy level has gone up and I sleep so well.

As for these cookies.  I was at Trader Joes after my workout  It's a few doors down so it's easy to walk over after my class.  i was picking up some chicken and arugula for dinner.  My husband and I love Chicken Milanese over an Arugula salad and this is what's for dinner.  I used a GF breadcrumbs and we love them!

I was at the register and all I saw were cookies. Halloween cookies, chocolate pumpkin face cookies with a white filling and chocolate chip cookies and I just wanted one.  I kept walking to the box but walked away!  All the way home I was thinking about cookies.  I just wanted a cookie.

I just picked up fresh black mission figs at another local market and had all of the ingredients to make fig newtons.  I did watch a youtube video to see how to fold the dough.  

Check out my recipe and I hope you love them as much as we did.  My rolling wasn't perfect but they still tasted perfect.  Enjoy xoxo

Recipe for:  Paleo Fig Newtons