Volition Beauty Strawberry Enzyme Revitalizing Serum: Vote to Make it Happen!

Friends,  This is one of my dedicated Interns.  I hope you read this blog post and please vote for her.  I just love watching our young students flourish.

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Hi, my name is Varika! I am a sophomore undergraduate college student majoring in Marketing and minoring in Computer Science, and I am currently the Social Media Marketing Intern for Anschutz Public Relations and Casting.

I wanted to share about a project I’ve been working on the side over the past 1+ year! Last summer (2017), I submitted an idea for a skincare product to a brand called Volition Beauty, which is a crowdsourced beauty company. Currently, it’s in the campaign stage, which is when people vote on the product to show interest! When the campaign succeeds, it will be launched on the Volition Beauty website and Volition is also sold at Sephora. You can check out my campaign at bit.ly/VarikaVolition! Please take a few seconds to vote and confirm it - I would greatly appreciate it!

It started when my sister and I were experimenting with some DIY skincare at home. We would take thin slices of strawberry and apply to our faces, and it would leave a red, serum-like film. We would just let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and every time, I always noticed the improvement in my skin immediately after. It would glow and look so much brighter!

I discovered Volition on the Sephora website when I was browsing through products, and decided to submit this product idea, especially after I found out Marilyn Monroe also used to use strawberries on her face!  Since then, I’ve been in contact with some really amazing people at the company to get the product to launch stage. Volition has sent me a couple formulations of the product as it was in development, so I was able to test it out and give feedback about the results and consistency/appearance. They’ve also helped me promote by hosting a giveaway through a friend of mine who has a Youtube beauty channel! Here’s the video: https://youtu.be/AqBKIOUmixM

Thank you for reading and supporting my campaign and thank you especially to Cindy for supporting me!! 

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Thank you!