Storage Containers for your Meal Prep


Ahh 2018… the year we as society have officially accepted the health movement and are all about our soul cycling, keto dieting and meal prepping. It isn’t easy though; after a long day at work, it feels like a chore to get home and have to make your breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week. As a bandwagon with the health lifestyle, I’ve found the following Container Store products helpful.

First and foremost, you need a soup mug. A soup is probably one of the most practical things to pack and easiest to prepare when at the office. The Container Store has a nicely sized and light souper mug. This can also be used for your chili! 

Then, you need a snack tub. These tubs are the perfect size for a one serving snack. This will keep you in check, so you aren’t carelessly snacking away at your desk and are small enough to shove in your bag on your way out the house. They’re also $4.99 for a package of six. What a steal!

Not a sit down breakfast person? Who has the time?? The Container Store has you covered with this practical yogurt-on-the-go cup. It can also be used for oatmeal. The best part about this cup is the side spoon and top compartment that can store your toppings. Talk about efficiency!! 

Of course, you know that a staple cube container is essential for a meal prep. This container has three compartments to neatly store your food and are clear so you can see what you have ready to go.

 Last but not least, this was the most interesting item I saw the Container Store have and have had friends rave about it. The silicone reusable storage bag literally kicks Ziplock in the tush. It keeps food items at a good temperature and helps the environment out by being reusable.

These products are all super helpful with storing food for the week. I’ve definitely found a few of them helpful when I’m in a pinch with time and want to stay on track with my fitness.

All of us at Cindy's Table and Anschutz PR hopes this is helpful to your meal prep!

Cindy xo