Corporate Boot Camp

Cindy's Table and Crush-It CrossFit have developed a Corporate Boot Camp Program!   More information will be available soon!  Be sure to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us for immediate information.

We are exciting to offer a Boot Camp component to Cindy’s Table Corporate repertoire.   This will add value to employers who want to embrace their employees with health and fitness. Working with Crush-It CrossFit we can customize each Boot Camp to include the fitness they desire after our recommendations either at a CrossFit gym near their office or if their office has the room we will bring the instructor to them. We will aluminate fear and uncertainly that CrossFit is a varied functional workout that can be tailored for any individual.   We will also include a cooking piece, which can be a competition, demonstration, class or even an elaborate wine dinner. Each boot camp will include a 6-week challenge to ensure our efforts continue in the office. A challenge can be for weight loss, increase activities, travel workout, office exercise and others that we will customize based on needs and suggestions.

Why this will work! There are gyms that offer a corporate boot camp but not like us. We will travel to any corporate location and not just give them a 2-day boot camp or even a 6-week boot camp but instead providing them with a lifestyle. We are also building relationships with our clients to continue a healthy way in and out of the office. Incorporating the food component is just as important as the workout. You need the 2 working together to meet any fitness or weight loss goals.

What we hear! Many people over 50 or even middle aged that may have been to a gym at one point of another are skeptical about even walking into a CrossFit gym. We hear, “I am not fit enough” or “I could never lift those weights”. We will take the team to CrossFit and let them know that every work out can be scaled or developed for each individual no matter what age.

Boot Camp and Weight Loss Challenge! Sitting in a office all day and not having time to go to the gym and eat the right meals. You don’t need to be overweight but this program will encourage better eating habits in the office for a team based challenge. Our fitness instructor will develop a 6-week exercise program that can be done at a local gym (CrossFit) or in the office (if a location can be designated – remember we don’t need machines to be successful). We will organize an onsite 2-day exercise review class where we go over each movement and ensure each individual is doing them correctly to prevent injury. We will also schedule a cooking class and demonstration on how to prepare meals for the week and maybe even a friendly completion would be a great way to kick off the challenge. To begin we weigh and measure everyone! We will team up employees then kick off a 6-week work out program along with samples of food allowed and recipes. Each team is responsible for encouraging and keeping both of you accountable. The company will have full access to emails or skype calls to answer questions. At the end of the challenge we will come back to the company and meet with everyone who participated and review weight and measurements then answer any questions. Our goal is to keep fitness and eating healthy food a consistent lifestyle in and out of the office.

Increase Moral! Did you know that healthy individuals are happy people? They have more energy, sleep better and work harder. Offering a Boot Camp that includes Exercise and Healthy Eating would help increase moral and keep your employees from the later afternoon slump! Not every one has the time or even financial resources to go to the gym everyday so as their employer offering this program to them would allow them to stay fit and learn how to follow a better nutrition plan. We will teach your employees that you need little to no equipment to follow a fitness program. We will also teach them ways to prepare meals for the week, lunches and what snacks to help with fuel during the day.

Sales Team is Tired! Your sales team in not producing, they are tired, sick often, they are complaining, they are not closing deals, they are not happy at home, etc… The list goes on and on. Not to point fingers but it has to be fixed from the top! When a top performer becomes part of the bottom 10% you may want to investigate. For example: John leaves home every Monday and travels between 2-3 cities a week getting home late on Thursday afternoon to make his sons soccer team and all weekend the kids have activities. John is behind in emails, need to mow the lawn and his wife Sarah wants a date night. How do we fix this as a company??

Companies should offer a work-life balance but sometimes it doesn't work that way. Our Boot Camp will show John and his team how to do some simple exercise in his hotel room or even in the little gym. We will also work with the sales team on how to make better choices when eating out or running through the airport. Making some simple changes will energize John so when he is at home he can spend time with his family and feel good that his well-being and nutrition are being considered along with the increase energy. We can also talk about replacement meals such as shakes and bars to keep handy for those long meetings.

What can Cindy’s Table and Crush-It CrossFit Offers you?

Cindy’s Table will focus on the food prep and nutrition including cooking classes, 6-week challenges (foods that are approved and recipes), cooking competition, make-ahead meals, other cooking and nutrition focuses and email/skype support.

Crush-It CrossFit will offer several flexible fitness programs for your employees. We will either all go to a local CrossFit gym or use your office space and bring in a level 1 or 11 certified trainer. We can use your parking lot, conference room or be part of your conference at any hotel or conference center.

Our goal is to not just leave after a 2-day boot camp and hope your employees will continue a fitness and nutrition journey. We will develop and implement a 6-week challenge that will be monitored for both fitness and nutrition. Every employee will team up and utilize their partner for accountability and have fun cooking together too! We will ask each team member to give us their goals and at the end we will announce goal winners!

What a better way to ensure your employees are focusing on fitness and nutrition. This will help with tired, cranky, emotional and unhappy employees. You will find your employees are running outside during lunch then at their desk eating and being energized by proper nutrition. Do you want your employees eating subs or greasy hamburgers that will make them tired by 3pm and utilization will drop substantially?

What about the Fad workouts? You may have employees going to zumba or other trendy classes together either at lunch or after work. The truth is it won’t last more than a couple of months. Why? Someone will drop out then there is not motivation for the others then the next thing you know – nobody is going! Back to the same old same old.

Why CrossFit? When we take your employees (some may be kicking and screaming) to a CrossFit gym we can promise their lives with change. During our boot camp contract we will be with them during the process and they will quickly become part of the family. Other members will be cheering them on and if they don’t show up at their perspective class I can promise they will be getting text messages or even calls. Owners, Trainers and Members encourage others and the results are astonishing.

Body, Mind and Spirit! Our boot camp is for the strong (they already workout), the weak, the young and the old. Any weight and Any age! We will provide exercises and movements that will benefit everyone! There is no discrimination but each employee will show us plenty of determination.

It’s a Combination that Must be Followed! For our success and yours we will insist that both Fitness and Nutrition are incorporated into our Boot Camp program.

Assessments! As part of our contact and commitment to your company and employees we will give each individual an assessment to understand their fitness levels and goals. We will also ask personal and confidential questions such as diet and other lifestyle choices. This will help us develop the best plan for the success of your team.

Consider giving your employees a Fitness and Nutrition program. Ignite an energy in your office which will reduce stress, increase mental sharpness, increase stamina, improve self esteem, increase productivity, improve energy and increase mental sharpness!


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