Cindy's Table Loves Frittata's

I have been know as the "Queen" of Frittata's.  My Nana never waisted food and when we had left overs we made  a frittata.  Frittata's are great because you can simply add anything you want such as any meets or vegetables.  I love using my left overs.  You can bake in a cast iron pan, sauté pan or a baking dish.  You can cut into wedges or square.  You can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime that's perfect for you.  

My Meaty Tuscan Frittata is a very hearty dish that is great for using up any leftover cooked meat or vegetables.  

Here are some of my other favorite frittata or even breakfast cups that we enjoy often.  Oh and BTW you can slice and freeze!  Save for on-the-go breakfast...

"After hours" steak, peppers and onions, frittata

Artichoke and Bacon frittata

Baked Italian egg zucchini and scallion frittata

Buffalo chicken frittata or (egg cups)

Frittata in a jar

Kale, mushroom and bacon frittata

Mini breakfast frittatas

Mushroom, tomato and onion frittata

Open faced Italian frittata

Ricotta frittata

Enjoy xo