First let's start with the basic information - This is a sauce and NOT a gravy!  Now let's move on...  Thank you.

I grew up with pots of sauce simmering on our stove with the amazing aroma though the house of garlic and herbs.  My Nana and I would stand over the pot while it was simmering dipping our bread to taste for seasoning of course... I really miss those days and her very much. 

I have many other sauce recipes on my blog as well for you to enjoy. I wanted to share this particular recipes first because I love saying Amatriciana.  In Italy and many Authentic Italian restaurants you will find Amatriciana Bucatini for a pasta item.  Bucatini is a spaghetti with a hollow center.  It is also a thicker spaghetti.  

Let me share some history with the Amatriciana with you.  This "sauce" came from a small region in the center of Italy named Abruzzo.  This was later brought to Rome and the poor or the shepherds aded cheek of pork (because it was very cheap) and onions along with other ingredients to keep them warm.  Now many of us will use pancetta and add red pepper flakes to give it a warm spicy taste.   This is a hearty sauce and goes great with a thick pasta or if you want a healthier version serve with spaghetti squash or even zucchini noodles.  Sometimes I sauté up fresh spinach and other vegetables to enjoy Amatriciana.

Either way I hope you enjoy my Amatriciana Recipe!