Farm to Table

Farm to table foods are becoming quite popular in today’s society. Just like the name suggests farm to table foods are foods that are offered to consumers straight from local farms. Farm to table foods have increased in popularity in recent years as the knowledge of their health and environmental benefits have become more widespread.

There are many amazing benefits that come with eating farm fresh fruits and vegetables rather than produce that has been shipped a long way. Local produce offered at farmer’s markets, farm stands, or even whole food stores are much fresher than other produce which has been around for much longer and therefore will last longer. Often produce that you find at big grocery stores has been shipped a long way and rots soon after you purchase it.

Also, because locally grown foods are fresher and get to you faster they are often more nutritious than non-local foods. Local foods get to you quicker and are richer in nutrients because they spend less time sitting. Local foods are also better because they come straight from the farm and often the farmers know exactly how a crop has been grown and harvested. This is unlike other produce which offers no knowledge of where it came from or how it was grown.

Not only is farm fresh food better for your health, but it is also better for the environment. Buying from local farms eliminates the need to transport foods over long distances using giant trucks. If everyone were to buy their groceries from local farms there would be much less pollution of the earth.

Because farm fresh foods are so beneficial for your health and the environment it is essential that employers educate their staff about the consumption of farm fresh foods. There are many ways that employers can do this and help their employees live happier, healthier lives. Employers could educate their employees about local farm fresh foods by sending out emails or holding meetings to educate them about the many benefits of eating local foods. Employers should encourage their employees to eat healthy foods from local farms. Healthy eating will help employees to be healthier and can actually make them more productive at work. By giving employees access to local farm foods employers can help a business grow and become more productive.

There are many places that you can find local farm fresh foods. Farm fresh foods are becoming much more popular today and you don’t have to travel to a farm to get them. Today you can find local farm fresh foods in grocery stores, farmers markets, restaurants, or you can even have them shipped to your home. All of these options are great ways for you to access the incredible benefits of eating local foods.

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