A great way to connect with others is through Food


It all began when I was a little girl. My fondest memories are walking into my Nana’s house to the smell of food simmering on the stove.  At times when I am sad or have the blues it takes me a few minutes to close my eyes and be back in her kitchen.  Then I feel so much better!

I loved her so much and spending time with her was my greatest joy. I would be her helper from stirring the sauce, rolling out pasta dough or even setting the table for our family dinner; it was always my happiest of days.

My Nana and I would be so excited to sit down with our family and watch everyone take their first bite. Food really does bring a family together.

My grandfather had a large garden in the yard and he would bring in fresh vegetables and herbs for us. My Nana always found a way to use them in her dishes. She cooked for us every night but Sundays’ was when we all sat down together and dinner was more of an event than just eating a meal. We all talked while enjoying dinner together as a family.

I do feel that with all of the new technology, video games and even cable TV we have lost the connection of family together. I even got caught up in it while raising 2 children as a single mother and owning my own company.

Our culture goes out to dinner to grab a meal or to not have to cook at home.   I see the children on their phones and even toddlers watching cartoons on the ipad. I am actually glad that I didn’t grow up with those distractions. We actually had to talk to each other!

Perhaps with all of the cooking shows and cooking competitions (I have been in a few myself) food is bringing family and friends closer. 

As a food blogger I get many emails asking questions for food preparation for folks that want to entertain or sit and enjoy meals together. I feel that a homemade meal at home sitting around the table really connects us better.

Let go of the distractions and spend time together. Now that my children are grown up and I look back on how fast it went by I enjoy every moment. When my children come home with their families we don’t go out for dinner at all. I shop, prepare and cook every meal from chocolate chip pancakes, grilling for lunch and a family style dinner to enjoy together. We laugh, talk and enjoy our time together.

Using food to connect with your family and friends is the healthiest and most rewarding way I want to spend my time.

Remember: You don’t need to prepare a gourmet dinner to enjoy and create memories together. A simple pot of pasta or even grilled chicken or fish with vegetables are a perfect family meal. It is more about the quality time together enjoying the meal. 

Life goes by so fast! Enjoy the food you make for your family by spending time together.